September 27, 2016, 6:54 pm

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Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 OffwhitelogoWelcome to this edition of Change of Shift, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 the blog carnival by, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 about and for nurses!

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 We have old friends, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 new bloggers and few “editor’s choice” picks thrown into the mix.

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Enjoy!


Nurses continue to discuss health care reform and I wanted to pass on a link to a great BlogHer page that gives you More Tools to Get Your Own Scoop on the Health Care Debate. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Great resource!

Meet the newest member of the nursing blogosphere! Her blog is Nursing Student Chronicles and See You Next Week is heartbreaking. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Go say hi…and welcome! : )

Mother Jones uses her Mac to write about health care reform so why on earth should she boycott Apple? She pleads her case in Get Your Hands Off My iPhone Fox News! at Nurse Ratched’s Place.

Head Nurse Jo knows exactly how to stay safe. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 For the record, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 I plan to use the technique described in You Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Em beginning with my next shift.


Oh man, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 this is a hoot! Seems Nurse Jackie is channeling Nurse K over at Crass-Pollination. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 It looks like the producers may be getting their material straight from K! It’s here, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 in Nurse K Obit Game Makes it into Nurse Jackie. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Coincidence? I think not!

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 The Nurse Pratitioner’s Place looks at the idea of Nurse Practitioners as Primary Medical Homes. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Are NPs able to take total care of their patients? Does this have to be a turf war?

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Barbara at Florence dot com submits a post from her Medscape blog, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 On Your Meds discussing what motivates parents to champion advocacy efforts. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 There is also a scholarship opportunity in Hope and the Power of Parents. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Reading the entire post will require Medscape registration (What? You aren’t registered at Medscape? It’s SO worth it!!!).


Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Speaking of Medscape, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 blogger Beka Serdans from In Own Words: Medscape Nurses looks at staffing levels and retention and wonders Are You Leaving or Staying ? Take the poll; stay for the great discussion in the comments and check out the follow up post !

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Grab a Kleenex. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Reality Rounds gives a heartbreaking account of trying to save a life in For They Know Not What They Do. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Powerful. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 ‘Nuff said.

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 There is a lot of discussion about Britian’s National Health Service these days. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 I’m pretty sure we don’t get the whole story. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 As someone who works in the NHS every day, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Julie from Life in the NHS wonders Is the NHS Such a Bad Thing?


Have you ever worked with a “Beth”? Are you a “Beth”? Nurse Kathy explains exactly what that means in The Essential Employee her Nursing Dynamics and Clinical Issues blog at NurseConnect.

Also at NurseConnect, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Career Transitions and Other Nurse Topics, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Nurse Laura asks Nurses: How Healthy is Your Work Environment? Does it help you advance in the profession or does it impede your function? How do we make sure we have what we need?

In Comments from the Peanut Gallery, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Elaine at Miss-Elaine-ious, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 RN describes how her compressed/accelerated RN program differed from the classic four-year route. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Great read for those interested in nursing as a second career!


Sleepy docs – one of the facts of night shift nursing. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Wanderer at Lost on the Floor deals with a doctor who sometimes needs a refresher course the morning after he’s on call. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 See Sleepy Head.

Whoa! The Angry Nurse has a few choice words for parents of the intoxicated in An ER Brochure I’d Like to See.

Carolyn, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 one of the nurse practitioners at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong presents Carotid Artery Stenting Can Prevent Strokes.


Here’s a couple of submissions that aren’t from nurses, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 but that nurses may find interesting:

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Cognitive function has huge implications for our patients. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Alvaro at SharpBrains always has interesting articles, fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 and he was published in the Frontiers in Neuroscience journal! He shares that article with us in Preparing Society for the Cognitive Age. It’s all about brain fitness.

Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Jimmy from The Web Nurse at Masters in Nursing Online sends a list of 40 Free Open Courseware Classes About the Human Body. Fluoxetine 20mg pills $182.00 Need a refresher on anatomy and physiology? You may find it here!


Thanks for reading this edition of Change of Shift and many thanks to all who submitted this week (and to those who are surprised to find their submissions here ; ) ! The next CoS will be at This Crazy Miracle Called Life on September 3rd.  You can send submission to Amanda via the Blog Carnival button on the right side bar or directly to “agmcgaha at gmail dot com”.

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