July 25, 2016, 11:39 pm

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Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Just about the time I’m sitting in a meeting with Valerie Jarrett, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 our very own Mother Jones, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 aka Nurse Ratched snags an interview with Howard Dean, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 no less! I am very proud of my “blog daughter” (and unabashedly envious!). Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 She has given permission to post her interview, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 in its entirety, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 here at Emergiblog. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 It follows as posted at Nurse Ratched’s Place…


howard-dean1I love the Internet. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 It has a way of bringing people closer together. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I saw Governor Howard Dean at a town hall meeting in Washington D.C earlier this month. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 He’s a dynamic speaker. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I wanted to ask him some questions, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 but the place was packed, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 so I couldn’t get close to him. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Not to be deterred, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I emailed Governor Dean in hopes of getting a response to a couple of my questions. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 He not only responded to my email, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 he agreed to an interview for my blog. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 See, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 the Internet really can bring people closer together. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I want to thank Governor Dean for stopping by Nurse Ratched’s Place to talk about healthcare reform.

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Question: What is your take on the state of our healthcare system? What do you envision for our system, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 and how do we get there from here? Can America really afford a public option plan?

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Answer: Our system is in disarray. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 We need a system in which the American consumer has real choices, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 including allowing people under 65 to sign up for Medicare, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 which is what the public option will look like. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 That way people can get affordable insurance which can never be taken away, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 which can’t be denied, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 and which will follow them through every job, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 every loss of job, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 and every move. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 We can’t afford NOT to have a public option.

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Question: How flexible is the public option: will a person be able to move between the public option and private options as their needs and circumstances change?

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Answer: People will be able to move back and forth between the public option and private insurance plans as they see fit, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 up to once a year.

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Question: Given your unique perspective as a physician, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 can you tell us one aspect of the public option that you like and one aspect that you might not be happy with?

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Answer: As a physician I would sign up for the public option at once if it is cheaper than what I have now. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I would definitely sign my twenty something kids up; it would give them insurance for life at a reasonable cost no matter what they were doing and where they were living.

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Question: One of my nursing coworkers wanted me to ask you this question. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 How will healthcare reform impact nursing workforce issues? Will we see mandated caps on salaries, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 and how will healthcare reform impact nurse to patient ratios?

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Answer: Workforce issues are not addressed in any of the health care options being discussed in Congress. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Most Democrats I know favor nurse/patient staff ratios to protect quality of care.

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Question: Preventative healthcare is a key component in the healthcare reform debate. Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 What are your thoughts on a proposal that would make the Chief Nurse Officer of the United States Public Health Service the National Nurse? In your opinion, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 would establishing the Office of the National Nurse have any impact on health promotion or on healthcare reform?

Tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 Answer: As a lot of people know, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I am a huge supporter of the Office of National Nurse, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 and since Congress has been slow to act, tenormin 25mg pills $133.00 I am hoping some changes can be made directly by HHS while we await more complete action by Congress.

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