August 28, 2016, 12:06 pm

Baclofen 25mg Pills $198.00

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 push-lucynurseThe week after BlogHer09 was exhausting.

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I had traveled across the country two weekends in a row, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 and was working 12-hour shifts in-between (and after) to make up the time I had taken off. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I was doing some writing and had two articles due on a deadline.

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Plus, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 it was my week to host Grand Rounds. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Lots of stuff on my plate and if I wasn’t sleeping or working, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I was glued to the computer (not that there is anything wrong with that…).

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 So on Monday, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 as I finished Grand Rounds and was ready to hit the sack before working the night shift, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I noticed a link had been made to Emergiblog from Grunt Doc. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I checked it out and it was a “Happy Blogiversary” note.

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Oh geeze – Emergiblog WAS four years old on August 3rd and the date had totally slipped my mind! “Wow!” I thought, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 along with (a) Grunt Doc keeps track of that stuff? and (b) how nice of him to mention it, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I’ll have to leave a comment saying “thanks”.

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 The next morning I got home and, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 as is my wont, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I hit the computer. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 The “Google Alert” for Emergiblog was in my mailbox and I opened it. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Holy cow! There were a bazillion links! My first thought was “oh geeze, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 what did I do now?”

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Well, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 they were all “Happy Anniversary” posts (including a video from Mike at Dr. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Anonymous and a hilarious post by Dr. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Rob!)! I nearly fell over! I guess Shane, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 official “web guy” of Emergiblog, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 had mentioned the date to a few bloggers. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 It was like coming home to a virtual surprise party!

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 (Confirmation of date confusion: fourth anniversary and the beginning of my fifth year of blogging.)

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Many, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 many thanks to all who posted best wishes! I was touched and had a lump in my throat more than once.

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 A special thank you to Shane who keeps Emergiblog working smoothly no matter how many widgets I ask him to place (and I’m the queen of widgets!), baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 handles my ads and still answers all my questions after four years running.

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 It goes without saying that this blog would be a web page in the dark if it were not for the folks who read it, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 so

Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 For all the support, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 encouragement, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 commenting (pro AND con) and reading – thank you!


And now for some fun Emergiblog facts (courtesy of my SiteMeter, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 you can see it at the bottom): as of today, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 August 5th, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 2009….

Average daily number of visitors: 433

Total visitors over life of blog: 470, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00516 (some perspective on this: NHS Blog Doctor did 500, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00000 in six months!)

Number of page views: 1, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00026, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00888

Most visits by web page (top three): Crass Pollination, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 the twitter feed for Bojustbo and Code Blog (thanks, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 guys! : D You can bet I’m right up there on your reader lists, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 too!)

Top three search words: “Emergiblog”, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 “Nurse Jackie” (!), baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 “pain scale 1-10” (I cannot believe “Kasey Kahne” did not make the list…)


Now for just some plain old facts:

My blog fathers: Hugh Hewitt and James Lileks

Number of posts: 805 (whoa, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 that averages out to .55 posts per day, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 16.7 per month, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 201 per year!)

Number of comments: 7, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00068

Number of times comments blocked: once (It was my Nurse Jackie post. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I mean, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I can only take being called a “turkey-on-a-high-horse” so many times : D)

My first link: Circadiana, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 by Coturnix (aka Bora!) on August 16th, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 2005 to this post (originally posted to my old blogspot site).

Number of lattes consumed during blogging: 4, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00397, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00777 (okay, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I exaggerate)

Number of times I hosted Grand Rounds: 5 (if I counted correctly, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 themes have been Wallace and Gromit, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 the Beatles, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Nascar, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Starbucks and the Emergency Room)


My totally worst experience blogging EVER: My first Grand Rounds (March of 2006) at the old site (which seems to have not made the transition over to this url). Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I was almost done. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 There had to be 70 submissions, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 at least (I may increase the number every time I tell the story). Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 It was late Monday night.

I lost the post. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Suddenly it was gone! It disappeared. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 Vanished off the face of the internets. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00

I started again, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 clicked to save the post and it vanished.

Now I am frantic. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 One is never late with Grand Rounds. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I found out the post was too long for Blogger to handle, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 but managed to get it up somewhere around 0400 or 0500 that Tuesday morning. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 (Pic thanks to Rita at Supporting Safer Healthcare! From back in 2006!)

I decided right then and there that I would leave Blogger and get my own domain. Baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 I do believe that was when Shane entered the picture and this version of Emergiblog was born after that, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 with my own domain name and, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 may god bless, baclofen 25mg pills $198.00 a WordPress format!

And never looked back…..until now.

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  • Rita Schwab
    Rita Schwab

    August 5, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    I still have the captioned photo I sent you after the March 2006 Grand Rounds/Blogger debacle – I’ll email it to you again for your “memories” collection. 🙂

  • linda-lou

    August 5, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Happy belated anniversary Kim! If I’d had a blog I’d have left you a note too because August 4th is my anniversary: I’ve been working as a nurse for one year. I might not have made it if not for you. I wrote a paper in nursing school about e-mentoring and how I was finding support and encouragement through reading the blogs of other nurses. Anyway, I can’t possibly thank you enough for C-o-S and for connecting me with other blogging nurses who dispense invaluable advice for nurses and nursing students. You are the best!

  • maha

    August 5, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Happy blogging anniversary! Your blog was the first nursing blog I started to read and inspired me to start my own. Keep up the great work Kim 🙂

  • Sean

    August 5, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    You go girl.

  • Rachel

    August 5, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    happy blogiversary!!!

  • Tara

    August 7, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    I have been read your blog and other nursing blogs for a while and now I made on of my own. Your blog is very resourceful and informitive for a future nurse!

  • Molly Brown
    Molly Brown

    August 9, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Happy Blogiversary! Wow… That went by fast! I remember when I was just a “neurotic nursing student” and started reading your blog. Your support helped me get through a lot! Congrats and keep up the wonderful work…

  • NPs Save Lives
    NPs Save Lives

    August 13, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Congrats from a loyal reader. I can only hope that I reach your level of readers some day. Don’t know how you do everything that you do and remain sane!

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