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October 29, 2009, 9:31 am

It’s Not WHAT You Say…

OffwhitelogoA ghoulish horror awaits you at Change of Shift, as Reality Rounds goes to the dark side.

I almost expect the zombies from “Thriller” to come dancing out of my den!


Read at your own risk!

Want to host? Contact me. I should come out of hiding in a few hours!


Zippy Must Be Free

A terrible injustice is being perpetrated against a very dear friend.

Zippy is being held hostage.

Dr. Rob told me about this at Blog World Expo.

We know where he is.

He’s been forced into areas of high radiation and indoctrinated with huge radiology books that would numb the mind of Einstein. He was forced to sleep with a crab! A crab that stole his lunch!

Now, I don’t want to name names (Vijay!), but Zippy must be free!

(Speaking of Dr. Rob, if anyone knows how to get a Golden Llama award, please email me. He treats those things like precious metals and I can only kiss so much of the ground he walks on, ya know. A girl has to have limits.)


The story of the nursing student who was expelled for blogging got me thinking.

(If you haven’t heard the story, check out What Can Nursing Students Blog About? at Code Blog, with an update at Kevin, MD)

Just what can you write about on your blog?

Well, you can write on just about any topic.

It’s not a case of what you say, it’s how you say it.


So how can you make sure that your blog post won’t get you fired (or expelled)?

Three things come to mind:

  • Blog about the issue.

Got a co-worker that is driving you nuts because they steal your Diet Pepsi from the fridge?  Got a manager that makes life hell? Tired of taking abuse from the “regular” drug-seeking patient who has called you fifty different names for a female dog?

Great! You have blogging material! But…instead of insulting the people involved (as tempting as that may be), make that blog post about respecting your co-worker’s space and property. Or the top five traits you think a manager should possess. Or how to stay cool in the face of verbal abuse.  Whether you use real or hypothetical examples to illustrate your point, make your point about the issue,  not the person.

  • Wait.

Did something good/bad/funny/sad/dumb/crazy/awful/miraculous happen on your shift?

As a blogger, you’re first thought is “whoa, I am so blogging about this!” And you can!


Let some time pass before blogging. This is prudent whether you blog anonymously or under your own name. Time gives perspective,  a chance to see underlying issues and an opportunity to keep emotions (and any inappropriate statements) in check.

  • Choose your words.

It is possible to blog about a difficult, sensitive or emotional topic and do it without being derogatory or insulting.  You can be humorous, sarcastic and over-the-top or angry, frustrated and at the end-of-your-rope and still convey an underlying sense of empathy and respect.

What is laughed at over a margarita after work is not necessarily appropriate for a blog.  What we post in a blog is a reflection of ourselves (and the nursing profession). Don’t just hit the keyboard in a blast of blogorrhea. Think about how your words will “sound” to someone else’s eyes.

If you do these things, I think you can pretty much blog about anything and everything without worrying about your blog bouncing back and biting you in the butt.

Because it’s not so much what you say…

…it’s how you say it.

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October 20, 2009, 4:19 pm

Post Blog World Post

Castoria ArgumentOh geeze – these parents are actually arguing about which laxative to give their kid!

“The modern way to bring up their baby.”

Baby? That kid is four-years-old if he’s a day.

And the trauma!

Dad wants to give the kid his laxative.

Mom says “No! It’s too harsh!”

Good grief.

Of course, in 40 years, the kid will have to deal with his parents being constipated.

The circle of life…

Then again, Castoria did taste better than Milk of Magnesia.

Or so I have heard…


Re-entry into the real world after four days in Vegas has taken a bit of time. Got back on Sunday.

The medblogger meet up was fantastic – again, thanks to Dr. Val at Better Health for putting the panels together, to Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring the track and to MedPage Today for adding their sponsorship!

Lots of fun, but lots of serious discussion about where we are going as a genre and the challenges that lay ahead.

Here’s to next year! Start planning now!

(Speaking of Dr. Val, check out her interview here with ABC – Medbloggers making news!)


grandroundslogoAlvaro is hosting Grand Rounds today at Sharp Brains: The Brain and Cognition Edition.

It looks wonderful.

It has been months since I’ve been able to sit and read Grand Rounds with a latte in hand – I think that will be my treat to myself tomorrow!


I’m sitting in the McCarran airport in Las Vegas on Sunday, thinking my adventures in blogging were over for the weekend. I noticed a tweet from @nicurnmama (Laura, from Adventures in Juggling). Seems she was sitting in Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar and Grill. In Las Vegas. At the airport.


Say what?

Laura hadn’t been to Blog World.

And I had just walked by that bar and grill!

Well, Laura had been right next door at the Venetian attending another blogging conference (SITScation) the entire weekend!

So I was able to meet Laura (at Gate C 16 in the Southwest Terminal)!  I won the Blogger Jackpot! We corralled a total stranger to take our picture (thanks, total stranger!).

And hopefully we can get Laura at the next medblogger conference!

Hint, hint!



This is just bizarre!

Las Vegas’ elevation is about 2000 feet above sea level.

Is this really necessary?

I mean, maybe a few conference goers might have visited a regular bar, but to the point of needing an oxygen bar?

I didn’t try it.

Let’s put it this way: there were more people in Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill than even glanced at this O2 bar. I mean, think about it. A nasal cannula or a Cabo Wabo margarita?

You make the call.

Only in ‘Vegas.

Just sayin’.

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October 16, 2009, 11:52 pm

BlogWorld/New Media Expo – The Exhibited, The Uninhibited!

meandhughFirst day of the general BlogWorld sessions and as usual, I came away with renewed energy, a plethora of ideas and a dramatically decreased bank account! No, not on gambling – I hit the Barnes & Noble on-site kiosk.

God, I love books!

But the highlight of the day? I met my Blogfather! Meet Hugh Hewitt, talk show host extraordinaire! I think if you did a “paternity” test on every blog online today,  75% of them would be related, in some way, to Hugh’s influence.

Blog World CEO Rick Calvert was interviewed by Hugh, and he mentioned the medblogger track!



This banner blew me away! It was at the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation booth. The banner tells you where their donations go.

They actually recognize, and fund, nurse researchers!

Do you know how rare it is to find that anyone realizes that nurse researchers exist, let alone see it on a promotional banner?

I’m so impressed!

Until 8 pm on Saturday, October 17th, for every hashtag of #beatcancer that is used on any tweet, blog or website, donation is made to cancer research. The goal is to set a Guinness record. So please use #beatcancer whenever you tweet, blog or facebook!


oneforteamA bit of unfinished business from last night: a photo of Doctor Anonymous “taking one for the team”. Seems there was one last King crab leg and someone had to eat it. It was a sacrifice, but he managed to do it.

The Singing Medbloggers video is now up over at Doctor Anonymous: Medbloggers at BlogWorld.

They swear that this is three-part-harmony not heard since the Bee Gees graced the stage, and I have the tweet to prove it.

Listen to the self-described harmonic convergence and judge for yourself.



I guess I was the only blogger on the face of the earth who did not know who Chad Vader was!

He is Darth Vader’s younger brother and works as a day shift manager in a grocery store. He’s actually quite the gentleman if you like the heavy breathing type.

Well, I picked up my share of swag and tomorrow I’ll pick up some more!

I’m all about the swag, baby, all about the swag…

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