October 14, 2009, 11:56 pm

Change of Shift From BlogWorld!

OffwhitelogoGreetings from Las Vegas!

It’s the BlogWorld Expo edition of Change of Shift!

Well, at least it’s being compiled in the same city.

We have a new blogger again this edition, and an unintended ER theme seems to have arisen from the nursing blogosphere this week!

So, without further ado –

Let’s get started!


A big Change of Shift welcome to NURSE ME, an 11 year ER/ICU veteran who describes themselves as…” blunt and to the point, pragmatic and methodical. That is until I look into your eyes as I’m performing chest compressions and remember that you’re human.”. A blogger since September, today’s submission is called Just the facts?..

NPs Save Lives gives an online interview to a nursing student. Great questions, great answers! (Did you know NPs in Florida can’t write for a controlled substance?)  Interview From Me For A Nursing Student is posted at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place.

After 19 years in ER, stories like this still make me (a) laugh or (b) slam my palm into my forehead or (c) both! Today’s “Life in the ER” story comes from Ross as Nurse In Australia. Never forget the Piña Colada for the Patient, Please?.


Anne Simone from the LPN to RN Blog finds the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Uniforms in Nursing History. Some look pretty cumbersome, but I have to disagree with the cap – nothing beats a great nursing cap! Then again, I could never stand Sue Barton because she wore those muffin top monstrosities…

I’m detecting a theme in CoS this week! An ICU nurse decides to help Man-nurse with his clinical assignment in Emergency Room Edumacation posted at The Man-Nurse Diaries. Having done both ICU and ER, this is a hoot!

It happens to us all, usually in the first semester. That’s how it was for CeeCee who describes her experience in  I Changed an Adult Diaper with some very poignant thoughts. In: From Suit to Scrubs.


I’ve heard a lot of talk about violence against nurses in the ER, but it happens everywhere. Even in labor and delivery. Reality Rounds looks at the vulnerability of nurses (and recounts her own experiences) in Assault.

Think you’d be grossed out by stuff you’d see in the ER? Well, shrtstormtrooper as her limits and she describes them vividly in Things I Can’t Handle posted at New Nurse Insanity: Fundus Chop!. For me? Sputum. Anything but sputum.

Over at NurseConnect, Laura wants to know Should Medical Media Reflect Reality? Lots of nurses on TV these days. What do you think of how they are portrayed? Kathy is ambivalent about the flu immunization and looks at the Vaccination Controversy. Are you getting immunized?

Paramedic Janis at The Jage Page has some thoughts and what constitutes a professional – and not just in EMS. Do you it the criteria in A Word About Professionalism?


And that’s it from Las Vegas!

Next week, our host will be Reality Rounds, and you can send your submissions through Blog Carnival or to ” rrcomadmin at gmail dot com”.

Thanks for reading!



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