September 27, 2016, 10:11 am

Research On Viagra

Research on viagra Meet Nurse Zombie.

Research on viagra Wonder what has made her so catatonic?

Research on viagra Could it be that she is waiting to find out if she was accepted into grad school and the tension of waiting is driving her MAD???

Research on viagra Could it be that the entire trajectory of the rest of her life balances on whether or not the sum total of all she has accomplished has rendered her worthy of inclusion into the exclusive world of graduate nursing education?

Research on viagra Does she fear being forced to bear the slings and arrows of staff nursing well after her back gives out and her bunions receive their own zip code?

Research on viagra Maybe.

Research on viagra Could be she just has a wedgie.


Research on viagra

Research on viagra Okay, research on viagra things aren’t all that bad.

Research on viagra Actually, research on viagra they are. Research on viagra Once I know one way or the other I can get on with my life, research on viagra but this being in limbo is messing with my mind.

Research on viagra Time for a vacation.

Research on viagra Like, research on viagra right now.  Starting tomorrow, research on viagra my weekend will be full of Kasey Kahne. Research on viagra So, research on viagra what is different from any other NASCAR weekend?

Research on viagra I’M GOING TO TALLADEGA!

Research on viagra Woooo HOOOOOO!

Research on viagra In fact, research on viagra I am writing this at the airport in Albuquerque as we speak. Research on viagra Four days of that wonderful smell of asphalt, research on viagra rubber and gasoline, research on viagra not to mention good looking men running around in fire suits.  Holla!  Have camera, research on viagra will document!

Research on viagra (P.S. Research on viagra The photo is from Research on viagra I borrowed it.)


This limbo-mind mentality is what led to an unprecedented 3 weeks without blogging.

I have so many deep, research on viagra philosophical nursing topics to write about.

But, research on viagra until then, research on viagra just a few announcements!

  • Change of Shift. Research on viagra Here. Research on viagra April 29th. Research on viagra Submissions in by April 28th. Research on viagra For those who have asked to host I shall be contacting you!
  • There is a new carnival in town! Our own ChronicBabe Jenni has begun the Chronic Babe Blog Carnival! Not only that she is hosting Grand Rounds next week with a theme of “Ladylike”. Research on viagra Can’t wait to see what the guys do with that one! : D
  • And because bloggers can never have too much fun, research on viagra I’ll also be at the ePatient Conference in September with Better Health! There is an MD/RN track this year.  More details as they come in! Save the dates. Research on viagra Click the widget on the sidebar (as soon as I put it there)!

Research on viagra See ya at the races!


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One Comment

  • Judy

    April 23, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    So, how did you like the airport in our fair city?

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