July 23, 2016, 9:25 pm

Sinequan 25mg Pills $203.00

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Welcome to the latest edition of Change of Shift!

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 The nursing blogosphere came through in a big way this week, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 many thanks to those who have submitted.

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 I’m excited to showcase these colleague contributions!

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 So, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 without further ado, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 I present…..Change of Shift!


Let’s start off with the “Editor’s Choice” of this edition! Shrtstormtrooper understands that nurses are Always Learning, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 posted at New Nurse Insanity: Fundus Chop!. Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Bravo!

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Can we address the supply of professional nurses without addressing the state of nursing education? Chris at The Man-Nurse Diaries takes on this provocative topic in The Nursing Shortage.

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Should the willingness to advocate depend on what one’s opinion of the patient?  Nurse Teeny finds the concept disturbing as developed in a  recent episode of HawthoRNe. Check out  Shackled, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 at The Makings of a Nurse.


Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Speaking of the nursing shortage, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 just how short are we? Is it a regional issue or a national concern? IsntSheLovlei finds an overabundance in her area in What Nursing Shortage??? posted at The Dog Ate My Care Plan….

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Keith at Digital Doorway pens a beautiful story of the beginning of a beautiful client/provider relationship in A Visit to the Doctor, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00  followed by an exploration of aging and loss in A Kind of Life.

Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Laney loses her first patient. Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 A moving look at the emotional impact of a code in Breathe Me, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 at Nursing Student Chronicles.


Can I get an “AMEN!” for this insightful look at just what (and who) constitutes “the nursing profession”? Katie Morales at NursesNetwork.com lays it out in A Rose by Any Other Name.

After a summer tracing the history of Florence Nightengale’s career, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Susan Hassmiller gives us Parting Thoughts: 10 Lessons Learned from Florence Nightengale’s Life, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 at AJN’s Off the Charts.

Jo has been blogging at Head Nurse since 2004. Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 It’s one of my favorite stops on the web. Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 In  Reasons Why I Love This Blog, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 by the Author of Same, sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Jo describes how she benefits from the blogging experience.

Jamie Davis has started a new podcast called Insights in Nursing.  I’ve been participating with Jamie and Terri from Nurse Ratched’s Place. Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 Jamie takes Terri’s sharp insight and my incoherent ramblings and puts them together in a sharp weekly show that looks at what’s new in nursing news. Sinequan 25mg pills $203.00 The latest episode – Physician Extenders – is up! (Caution: Rant on Board!)


Thanks for reading this edition of Change of Shift! The next edition will be right here at Emergiblog – so feel free to submit via Blog Carnival or by using the “Contact” button at the top of the blog.

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  • Laney

    July 22, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Great edition. Thanks!

  • Jeff - Travel Nursing Blogs Guy
    Jeff - Travel Nursing Blogs Guy

    July 23, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Nice job. Lookig forward to reading the opinions on the nursing shortage.

  • RehabRN

    July 23, 2010 at 7:35 pm


    Great job…I must have missed the email! Been buried under a ream of articles.

    I hope to get something for the next edition.


  • […] The latest installment of Change of Shift is up over at Emergiblog. […]

  • Keith Carlson
    Keith Carlson

    July 25, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    A great job, as usual, Ms. Kim, and an honor to be included on CoS.

  • Jamie Davis, the Podmedic
    Jamie Davis, the Podmedic

    July 26, 2010 at 10:53 am


    Thanks for including the Insights in Nursing show in the blog carnival this week. We enjoy your not so incoherent rants on nursing hot button issues. I’m looking forward to many more in future episodes.

    I hope other bloggers who want to be on the show will contact me. I run out of time in my day to follow up and get in touch with them from my end. (Now producing 6 podcasts a week and 3 of them in HD video. Grr.)

  • NurseExec

    July 26, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    What a great edition. Thanks for continuing to carry the torch.

  • Nurses in the News « Nursing Notes
    Nurses in the News « Nursing Notes

    July 27, 2010 at 8:14 pm

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