September 27, 2016, 12:57 pm

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Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Welcome once again to Change of Shift!

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 This week our themes lean to education and the art of “being there” and we have two new bloggers submitting! Welcome!!

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Man, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 that was a fast two weeks!

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 So….let’s get started!

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 As a profession, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 nursing has been criticized for not having a standardized entry level into practice. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 But we nurses seem to spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing each other for the same thing. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 In this week’s Editor’s Pick, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Nurse Teeny takes on The Myth of the Second Degree Nurse at The Makings of a Nurse.

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 If you read nothing else this week, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 please read this post from Suzanne Gordon – she reviews a new book: My Imaginary Illness: A Journey Into Uncertainty and Prejudice in Medical Diagnosis. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 It looks at the phenomenon of doctors (and nurses) becoming angry and blaming the patient when problems persist and/or diagnoses cannot be made. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 My copy of the book will be here in two days (thank you, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Amazon Prime!)


Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Running Wildly‘s compassionate care encourages a patient to open up about their past in this touching post entitled Helping Hand. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 I hope her patient was able to get the help she needed. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 (And here is a submission I missed for the last edition, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 an ode to workin’ the ER on the holiday: Emergency New Years!)

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Shrtstormtrooper knows exactly what a patient needs, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 and it isn’t high tech in Reassurance posted at New Nurse Insanity: Fundus Chop!.

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 The latest Insights in Nursing is up, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 with host Jamie Davis and panelists Terri Pollick and Terri Schmitt taking on health care fraud, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 nurse practitioners/primary care and virtual beds! Check out Virtual Nursing in Tron-land.


Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Maureen “Shawn” Kennedy, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 editor-in-chief of the AJN, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 reports from the 2011 Clinical Nurse Leader Summit in Florida for AJN’s Off the Charts blog. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Does your facility use CNLs?

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 KMorales discusses why she is Working on my MSN and has gotten me all inspired with her description of her friend/colleague “CB”. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 I bet you’ll be signing up for school after you read it, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 too! Thanks, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Katie, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 I needed this! : ) It’s posted at NursesNetwork.

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Lisa Ordway discusses end of life care (or lack of same) in the ICU in Palliative Care – Devil of Defeat or Humane Patient Care? posted at Experiences of an ICU Nurse. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 You can always depend on an ICU nurse to tell in like it is.


Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Elle Bieling, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 RN notes that hearing and understanding metaphors used by patients are important when assessing pain in Chronic Pain ~ Why Physical, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Emotional and Spiritual Pain are Inseparable posted at The Body Window.

Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Michelle Walter has started NurseNRecovery, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 a website to help nurses struggling with narcotic addiction. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Michelle is a recovering addict and shares what she has learned with her readers. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Her story is an eye opener about just how insidiously an addiction can take hold.


Many thanks to those who submitted this week and many, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 many thanks for reading and linking each week!

Be sure to send in your submissions for the next edition of Change of Shift, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 here, haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 at Emergiblog. Haridra 60 tablet bottle $159.00 Use the Contact button at the top of the page or submit via Blog Carnival!

See you there!

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