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September 28, 2016, 5:00 am

Femara 2.5mg Pills $160.00

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Be careful what you wish for.

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 When I said I wished I could wear my nursing cap, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 this was not what I had in mind!

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Behold the latest in Respiratory Isolation fashion – to be worn when your patient is undergoing an aerosolized treatment. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 First, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 you put on a cap to cover your hair. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Then, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 you zip a disposable lining into the white hard hat. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 A motor blows cool filtered air in your face.

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 You can hear yourself breathe like Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Nursing is not for the vain – you should have seen my hair when I took this contraption off. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 The N95 respirators take care of any make-up I might wear. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 So much for my cover model image : / Guess the folks at Glamour will have to wait.

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Funny, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I feel a strange connection to this fellow…..


Be sure to check out Dr. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Val’s new radio show, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Healthy Vision with Dr. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Val Jones! It’s available on iTunes, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 and can also be heard on Better Health by clicking the widget to the far right on the sidebar. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Listen in as she interviews experts on regular eye exams, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 contact lenses and UV protection for eyes (something I wasn’t aware of until recently!)


Well, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I went and did it!

I took, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 and passed, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 the CEN exam!

Which is a little ironic, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 given how I was so sure that my career in emergency nursing was coming to a close last month.

And it might have, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 had “Thrive” Permanente seen any potential in an RN with 33 years of experience for their dermatology clinic.

(In addition, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I was passed over for someone with, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 and I quote, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 “a higher level of experience” for their chronic disease clinic, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 too. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Seriously. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 That nurse must have trained with Flo Nightingale, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 herself! Mind you, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 this was all via computer. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 No one ever talked to me. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I’m starting to get a complex…)

And so I remain firmly ensconced in the ER milieu, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 surrounded by the infarcting, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 the exsanguinating, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 and the lacerated; the migraining, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 the febrile, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 and the vomiting; the sprained, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 the concussed and the drug seeking.

My people.


I’m proud of this CEN.

Didn’t change my work status. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Didn’t change my paycheck.

But it does mean that I meet the core knowledge requirements for emergency nursing as established by the Emergency Nursing Association.

It feels good to have that verified.

I did get a new name tag with three new letters after my name.

I figure when the newness wears off, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I’ll stop looking at it every ten minutes.

I did the same thing after my BSN.


I’d like to say I worked my butt off for the certification. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 And I did.

But I also walked my butt off for it, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 too!

The testing station was in San Francisco, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 about 1.5 miles from the BART station; I figured I would walk. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Could have taken the MUNI, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 but the level of intimacy required due to the number of persons aboard was more than I was willing to share.

I started up Van Ness Avenue. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Which is uphill. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 You don’t think it is, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 but it is. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Trust me.

By the time I got to the location, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I was sweating, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 out of breath and dying for water.

(Actually, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I was dying for a margarita – I had passed two bars and a Chevy’s on the way…)

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 When I sat down to take the test, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 I had zero anxiety. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 None. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 All that exercise must have cleared my head and left me with endorphins, femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 because I hit the keyboard running and did 175 questions in a little over an hour (about 75 minutes).

Passed with a 90%. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 You find out immediately.


Decided on a Grande Caramel Frappucino with Extra Caramel and an Add-Shot from Starbucks on the way home instead of a margarita. Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 Given that the temperature had dropped twenty degrees while I was taking the test I was sorry I had not gotten an extra-hot latte.

But San Francisco never looked as beautiful as it did on that walk back.

Guess I’ll be hanging out in the ER for awhile…

Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00  

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