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September 27, 2016, 6:12 pm

Cialis Soft

Cialis soft My husband surprised me with a Macintosh Performa 575 in 1994.

Cialis soft I told him it had to be a Mac.

Cialis soft None of those god-awful Windows pieces of garbage.

Cialis soft A Mac.

Cialis soft I was Apple to the core from the beginning.


This family eats, cialis soft sleeps and breathes Apple.

Okay, cialis soft my son and I eat, cialis soft sleep and breathe Apple.

I joke that I worship at the Altar of Steve Jobs.

So today’s announcement of his passing, cialis soft while expected, cialis soft is still horribly sad.

My computing life, cialis soft no, cialis soft my entire life, cialis soft is so totally entwined in Apple, cialis soft I can honestly say if not for Steve Jobs and his vision, cialis soft this blog would not exist.

Emergiblog is six years old now. Cialis soft Because of this blog I have made friends worldwide, cialis soft traveled across the country, cialis soft and was inspired to return to school for my BSN – online.

Steve said technology doesn’t change lives.

It changed miine.

It changed ours.

For the better.


So thank you, cialis soft Steve.

For everything.

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