November 6, 2011, 8:31 pm

Blog World and the Bug

Post-Blog World Expo  SyndromeIt’s early Sunday evening, downtown LA.

Blog World Expo 2011 is over. Nurse Ratched and Nerdy Nurse left in the early morning darkness for the long journey back to the east coast.

I’m still here!

I always stay an extra day so I’m not traveling during the NASCAR race.

I picked up good information at BWE. I also picked up a bug. I’m trying to figure out which wall I ran into at 2 pm this afternoon. I was fine, and then BAM! Unfortunately Zofran is not over-the-counter, and I don’t think I’d have any luck scoring it on the street.

This is what I get for not partying like it’s 1999. Maybe if I had consumed alcohol, my system would have been sanitized for my protection.


This year, the Social Health track was running during all three days of the Blog World conference.

A modeling session isn’t usually a part of the track, but this is LA, and Jenni’s site is called ChronicBabe, so there ya go! [Jenni and I with Kerri (Six Until Me) and Terri (Nurse Ratched’s Place)]


Mark my words, these Social Health Whiteboard sessions are going to become famous – last year’s session was energizing and dynamic; this year’s session was focused and driven. I was tweeting my fingers off – hopefully they make sense!

You can follow the entire Social Health track by reviewing the hashtag (#sochealth) on Twitter.


We did an episode of the Insights in Nursing podcast right from the Blog World show floor!

That was a blast, folks walking by, the energy of a live show! Nerdy Nurse Brittney Wilson joined host Podmedic Jamie Davis in her first appearance as a panelist.


It was a great weekend, catching up with old friends. For some of us, it had been two years since we had seen each other, but it felt like yesterday.

I’ll be heading home in the morning. It will be nice to be home, re-entry back into night shift, not so much.

But I’m leaving with a suitcase full of swag and a full tank of inspiration.

And a bit of a bug.

Oh well.

Hey, maybe I can get a blog post out of it…..

One Comment

  • Toni Miller

    November 6, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Hello Kim,
    I am new to the blog world, and have never heard of the blog world expo. It sounds like you had a blast with your friends. I am a Registered Nurse, and I just started a blog at the end of August this year. Your blog is set up very nicely. Can you tell me where to get the blog world expo information from, maybe I can take a trip next year. I’m working on getting more traffic to my blog right now. Thanks for sharing.

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