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July 28, 2016, 8:31 pm

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Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 Post-Blog World Expo  SyndromeIt’s early Sunday evening, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 downtown LA.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 Blog World Expo 2011 is over. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 Nurse Ratched and Nerdy Nurse left in the early morning darkness for the long journey back to the east coast.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I’m still here!

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I always stay an extra day so I’m not traveling during the NASCAR race.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I picked up good information at BWE. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I also picked up a bug. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I’m trying to figure out which wall I ran into at 2 pm this afternoon. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I was fine, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 and then BAM! Unfortunately Zofran is not over-the-counter, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 and I don’t think I’d have any luck scoring it on the street.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 This is what I get for not partying like it’s 1999. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 Maybe if I had consumed alcohol, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 my system would have been sanitized for my protection.


Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 This year, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 the Social Health track was running during all three days of the Blog World conference.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 A modeling session isn’t usually a part of the track, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 but this is LA, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 and Jenni’s site is called ChronicBabe, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 so there ya go! [Jenni and I with Kerri (Six Until Me) and Terri (Nurse Ratched’s Place)]


Mark my words, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 these Social Health Whiteboard sessions are going to become famous – last year’s session was energizing and dynamic; this year’s session was focused and driven. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I was tweeting my fingers off – hopefully they make sense!

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 You can follow the entire Social Health track by reviewing the hashtag (#sochealth) on Twitter.


Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 We did an episode of the Insights in Nursing podcast right from the Blog World show floor!

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 That was a blast, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 folks walking by, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 the energy of a live show! Nerdy Nurse Brittney Wilson joined host Podmedic Jamie Davis in her first appearance as a panelist.


It was a great weekend, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 catching up with old friends. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 For some of us, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 it had been two years since we had seen each other, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 but it felt like yesterday.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 I’ll be heading home in the morning. Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 It will be nice to be home, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 re-entry back into night shift, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 not so much.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 But I’m leaving with a suitcase full of swag and a full tank of inspiration.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 And a bit of a bug.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 Oh well.

Cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 Hey, cialis 20mg pills (brand) 20 $156.00 maybe I can get a blog post out of it…..

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July 28, 2016, 11:53 pm

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Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 Six books, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 a T-shirt, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 a beach ball and a little rubber brain.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 This what I will physically take home from Blog World Expo.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 There is no photograph that can depict all that I will take away from here in terms of creativity, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 energy, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 motivation and a renewed love of writing.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 Things were getting mighty dry at the well, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 I must admit.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 One session by The Napkin Dad and I know not to let “STOP” signs get in the way of creativity. Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 And I’m the one putting up those “STOP” signs…go figure!

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 A whirlwind session by novelist and writing professor Bill Torgerson and new writing territories, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 my territories, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 are revealed and the words pour out faster than I can take them down.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 It’s like I can breathe at the keyboard again.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 I can’t even begin to describe the freedom behind that sentence.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 Or the weight that is off my shoulders.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 Blog World rocks.

Cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 Thank, cipro 1000mg pills $243.00 guys!

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12:32 am

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Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 It’s late Friday night.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Los Angeles, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 California.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 There’s one thing about Blog World.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 They know how to throw a party.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Lots of people can vouch for that.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I’m not one of them.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I didn’t attend the party.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I’m old. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I’m in bed.


LOL! How’s THAT for a Jack Webb impression!

The days have been pretty active here at Blog World!

Our HIPAA session was yesterday, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 that’s me with Jamie Davis (The Nursing Show) and Terri Polick (Nurse Ratched’s Place).

The Social Health track is amazing; the growth is jaw-dropping. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 There is a maturation of the blogosphere, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 the emergence of technology that puts health care in your pocket (literally), tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 companies utilizing social media technology to take health care to third world countries…people are more comfortable, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 new problems and concerns arise, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 like I said….amazing.

The best part is catching up with old friends in person and missing every single person who isn’t here. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 And if you are reading this, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I mean you! : ) Blog World will happen again next year and it’s worth every single penny, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 so start planning now. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I am!


Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Every year my “blog father” Hugh Hewitt broadcasts his radio show from the Blog World show floor. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 This year, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 my other “blog father” James Lileks was a guest!

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Meeting a fellow blogger is like meeting someone you’ve known for a million years, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 and this was no exception.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I was so excited! How many people get to meet their blogging inspirations?


Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Meet The Napkin Dad!

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 If you have never seen the Napkin Dad’s site, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 you need to treat yourself. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 (

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Marty Coleman used to draw little cartoons on his daughters’ napkins, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 and a small philosophical quote each day. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 He’d put them in their lunches. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 The story of what happens to those napkins will cause you to run for your kleenex, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 so be ready!

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Marty spoke on road blocks to creativity, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 and boy did I need to be at that session. Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 If I took the energy I’ve been spending complaining about why I can’t create and put it into actually creating, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 I’d be, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 well, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 creating!

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 And on that note, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 it’s time to re-energize for tomorrow’s sessions.

Tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 Good night, tadalafil 20mg pills $203.00 LA!

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