November 2, 2011, 9:58 am

This Is The City: Blog World Expo!!!

I may be sitting in the Oakland International Airport, but my heart, and soon the rest of me, will be in the heart of Los Angeles, California!

Swimming pools, movie stars? Oh no. Something even better!



If you are a blogger, if you read blogs,

If you own a freaking computer, even if you are one of the poor souls who don’t own a Mac…


Okay, I might be a little excited.

But I’m telling you, I would mortage my home, rent out my husband (sorry, John!) or even my MacBookPro (gasp!) if it meant I could make it to this conference.

I’m, like, the first person at the convention center doors when they open in the morning, and the last person they, um, escort out at the end.

I stalk all the speakers make sure I have a chance to meet all the great speakers and learn from their vast experiences in social media.

This year, I will have the opportunity to meet another of my blog fathers.

Yes, James Lileks will be at Blog World this year!!!!

I was less nervous meeting Steve Perry and Kasey Kahne.


All I have to do is act like the mature, professional, accomplished registered nurse and blogger than everyone thinks I am.

Great disguise, eh?


This marks the fourth year the Social Health track will be meeting at Blog World, and it’s come a long, long way from that exploratory year when it was just a few medbloggers, Shane (my web guy) and Rob and Marc from Johnson & Johnson.

The sessions are fantastic!

Tomorrow, we start with “What Companies Can Do to Support Patient Needs”, with Katie Loeb (Overflowing Brain), Jenni Prokopy (, Kerri Sparling (Six Until Me), and Russ Starke (

Shwen Gwee then takes us into “Health, Activated: Can Health be the next Social (Media) Contagion?”. Shwen is the VP of Digital Health at Edelman and the founder of Blog. She is going to be a hard act to follow!

So…guess who gets to follow her! 😀


Yours truly, Jamie Davis (the Podmedic) and Terri Pollick (Nurse Ratched’s Place)!

We’re talking “Shoot From the HIPAA” or how not to be afraid of HIPAA when you blog, podcast or tweet!

Do you ever get rid of butterflies before you speak?


Well, my plane has arrived, and the good people of Southwest Airlines will probably be giving pre-flight instructions shortly.

My trip has started out on a good footing,

I have an “A” ticket!



One Comment

  • Rachel

    November 2, 2011 at 10:01 am

    I really hope things improve for me so that I can go next year!! (Or that I can find a way to see you some conference or other sooner than that)

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