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July 14, 2012, 12:38 am

Will Work for Half-and-Half

I love my co-workers.

When things get absurd and all I want to do is smack my head, they make me laugh.


We were informed that Half-and-Half would no longer be provided to staff or patients. Those choosing to use creamer in their coffee would be offered Coffee-Mate, or could choose to “BYOH&H.”

“Corporate” decided this would make a good cost-cutting measure.


“Corporate” is like the “Not Me” character in the “Family Circus” comic. Blamed for everything, but never actually seen.

Normally, this would have engendered an eye-rolling, how-much-money-do-they-think-they-will-save, 5-minute conversation and that would have been that.

However, the email noted:

Half-and-Half would be available for all physicians and administrators!

Say what?


But, no.

This was legit.

And I was pissed.

Not at the loss of the half-and-half, but the principle of the thing.

Surely the idea that physicians and administrators were more important than staff or patients, or were superior groups to be coddled and pampered was a remnant of the 1950s, something to be looked back on as a relic of a less enlightened time!

Er, no.


This was such a slap in the face to the staff, and in writing, no less!

Combined with everything “Corporate” has done (or been blamed for) over the last year, it was just too much.

Then one day, I walk in and see the “Will Work for Half-and-Half” jar.

With donations in it!

I LOL’s until I had chest pain.

That’s the kind of humor that permeates my department.

And that is why I work where I work.

Working with colleagues who have a great collective sense of humor is worth its weight in…well, Half-and-Half!!!!

And right now, that stuff is like gold in my ER….

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