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January 7, 2013, 1:52 pm

The Voice

Oh! what I would give for a paper chart!

…for a clean, crisp empty sheet of nursing notes!

Oh! to see perfectly horizontal black lines, inviting me to hover my delicately-balanced pen above, poised to create a work of art.

Oh! to eloquently describe my nursing care in cursive so beautiful my great-grandmother would cry.

What would I give?

I’d give my (expletive) Cerner workstation a shove into the San Francisco Bay.

Yeah, we finally entered the 21st century at work.

Computerized charting. What a crock.

Boy, do I have a rant all ready to explode for this one.

But that’s the next post.


What do you do when you lose your voice?

Your blogging voice.

It used to be so easy.


When I started blogging in 2005 I just talked about what it was like to be a staff nurse. That was my “voice.” The stories flowed off the keyboard. Blogging was a creative outlet.

Blogging was fun.

Today, an old-school Catholic nun sits in my head, rapping my knuckles with her ruler if I even consider posting something that isn’t “prim and proper”.

The trouble is, “prim and proper” is not my style.

Now, I can write “prim and proper” with the best of them. But a blog is not the place for that. This blog is not the place for that.

And to be honest with you, I have not been all that enamored of health care in the last year or so, of watching my wonderful small community hospital become an appendage of a corporate behemoth. Or of reading about health care in terms of partisan politics every single day in the news.

I wanted to rant and blog. But I didn’t know what to say, or how to say it. Sister Super-ego wanted prim and proper, but I couldn’t produce prim and proper.

So when I went to “speak,” nothing came out.


I don’t know where Sister Super-ego came from, or where I got the idea that everything produced on this blog had to look like it was ready for a peer-reviewed journal.

This blog never was and never will be a “professional publication”.

It’s just the story of the life and times of an emergency department nurse.

Time to get back to my “roots.”

If anyone is still reading, thanks for hanging in there! Smile

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