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August 19, 2013, 12:10 pm

Closing Time

On August 3, 2005, the first Emergiblog post was published.

Eight years and 935 posts later, and with a part of me dreading this even as I write, it is time to say good-bye.

It’s been 10 months since my last entry. Many times over those months, I’ve run into a situation and thought, “this would make a great blog post!”

Yet, I did not put my thoughts into writing.

The passing of time has not rekindled the passion to write, and when the desire to write is gone, one is no longer a blogger.

Damn, that was hard to write.


There are still topics I could write about: the metamorphosis of my hospital into a corporate appendage, the uselessness of electronic medical records (very sad realization, that), the feeling that as nurses advance their education, basic nursing care is being forgotten (oh, the stories!).

Topics like this used to rev me up, make me head for the keyboard and blow out a rant.

Now, all I want to do is reach for the Prilosec.

Even if I still had the urge to write, I wouldn’t want to sound like a bitter, sarcastic nurse who is angry all the time. And I would sound like that (I wrote the paragraph above four times before it stopped sounding like I was ready to punch the wall.)

That isn’t fun to read, and it certainly does nothing to help the profession.

These days, frankly, I’d rather spend my time off in Portland with my grandson, catching up on Doctor Who episodes from the last 50 years and cheering my head off for NASCAR every weekend.


But it was a hell of a ride! 😀

I have met and made friends from around the world.

I connected with nurses who shared their stories and was inspired. In fact, it was student nurse bloggers who inspired me to go back for my BSN.

I connected with physicians who shared their stories and was shown a wider perspective.

I connected with patients who shared their stories and I became a better nurse.


And now, some thank-yous:

Shane Pike has been with me from almost the very beginning, keeping things running behind the scenes. Emergiblog would not have been what it is without him. “Thank you” doesn’t even cover it.

The “medbloggers” were able to meet at BlogWorld for four years, thanks to Rob Halper and Marc Monseau, who spearheaded the Johnson & Johnson sponsorship of our track. Thank you both! For BlogWorld and the chance to speak in Orlando!

Of course, those meetings would never have happened if Rick Calvert, CEO of BlogWorld (now known as New Media Expo) had not seen my rant decrying the lack of medbloggers at conferences. He said, “We have room for you here!” Not only did I meet my fellow medbloggers, but also my “Blogfathers” Hugh Hewitt and James Lileks! Thank you, Rick!

Bora Zivkovik gave me my first link. I remember waking up and seeing that 35 people had read the post overnight and realizing that I didn’t have that many family members who knew I blogged, so something must have happened! Thank you, Bora, for the encouragement that link provided!

Terri Polick, aka Nurse Ratched’s Place, is my “Blogdaughter”, BFF and partner-in-crime all these years. Thanks for all the fun/commiseration/support! We had quite a ride, didn’t we? 😀

And last, but certainly not least,

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read Emergiblog. A blog without readers is just a diary. Emergiblog was a success because you came to read.


(The actual blog will remain up. Comments to all old posts have been disabled (this post is still open.) The “Contact” button still works. I’m still on Twitter as @emergiblog and if you can stand cat pictures and a lot of NASCAR talk, I’m also on Facebook. )

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