September 2, 2010, 4:42 pm

Change of Shift: Vol. 5, Number 5

Welcome to Change of Shift!

Boy, that was a fast two weeks!

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I’m a little slow on the computer front as I am recovering from Lasik – please excuse any typos that have made it through my blurry proof-read.

Also – I have discount codes for BlogWorld/New Media Expo 10, so if you are planning on attending the second annual Social Health track (and you should!!), shoot me an email via the “Contact” button. Details can be found up top under the “BlogWorld” button!

Time to dive in….


Editor’s pick: Haste posted at New Nurse Insanity: Fundus Chop!. There is nothing I can add to this heart-wrenching apology, and it deserves a section of its own.


The Muse, RN has heard “…why isn’t she a doctor?” once too often and she isn’t going to take it anymore! Check out her novel idea at Nancy Nurse, RN, MD? Boy, I thought I got hot under the collar; this makes me look shy and retiring! : D

My heart goes out to Keith at Digital Doorway. We all have times when we ask Did I Miss Something? Kleenex warning in force, you’ll need it.

Will is finishing nursing school and celebrating his blogiversary. He’s also a fantastic artist/cartoonist. Check him out at Drawing on Experience and offer congrats on My Blog is 1 Year Old!


The nursing profession is “graying”, but are you even remotely ready to retire? At The Millionaire Nurse Blog, Dr. Dean makes the case for preparing financially in Catch-Up Contributions: A Little Help for Graying Nurses – and Nurse Shawna!

Welcome new nurse blogger Joni to Change of Shift! Joni writes at Nursetopia, with a post that is, unfortunately, near and not-so-dear to my heart: Obesity Within Nursing.

Talk about a segue made in heaven! Meet Nicole, new nurse and blogger at Scrubs. In The Supportive Workplace, Nicole writes about the positive changes that her hospital has made to improve the health of the nurses.


Nurse Teeny has been through the health-system wringer, and wonders what it must be like for those who are not familiar with the system. See We Can Do Better at The Makings of a Nurse. (Hope you are feeling better, Teeny!)

NPs Save Lives pens a crystal clear essay on the need to keep APRNs in the healthcare reform discussion in A Nurse Practitioner’s Response to Incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolous’ Medicaid Tour, posted at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place.

Lunch ladies, GI Joe and the Slackers – recognize them? RehabRN describes them all and ends with some sage advice in A Different Atmosphere.


The latest Insights in Nursing is up at, well, Insights in Nursing! Jamie Davis, myself, Terri Polick of Nurse Ratched’s Place and Lovlei McKinney of The Dog Ate My Care Plan discuss the latest nursing articles and news releases in Patient Care, Leather or Paper. Listen in and find out where post-op C-section patients have to clean their own rooms!!! Seriously!

Shawn Kennedy, interim editor-in-chief of AJN, blogs of “health nursing” vs. “sick nursing” in Nightingale, One More Time, at Off the Charts.

Katie at NursesNetwork discusses life’s curveballs and reminds us Let’s Be Good to Each Other Out There.


That’s it for this edition! Many thanks to all who submitted and to you for reading!

Next edition is right here at Emergiblog, hit the contact button or head for to submit!

August 20, 2010, 3:42 pm

Change of Shift: Vol. 5, Number 4

Welcome to Change of Shift – a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short!

We have some old friends and some new additions.  Our submissions cover the best of nursing and the most difficult moments. Some share successes and others could use some collegial support.

So, grab a latte, put your feet up and enjoy..

Change of Shift.


I love adding nursing blogs to my blogroll! This week, thanks to his CoS submission, I’ve found Stephen at  A Nurse Practitioner’s View, where he   presents  Team Work. When it comes to patient care, check our egos at the door.

Some teams we chose and some we’re born into, as noted in this heart-warming story from Keith at Digital Doorway, We’re All in This Together.

Nurses are expected to be super-humanly objective and non-judgmental. As this honest post from Nurse Me shows, there are limits, and don’t forget to Always Look Behind the Curtain First.


Hallelujah! No more getting screwed ripped off by textbook prices! IsntSheLovlei spreads the good news in Hear Ye, Hear Ye, posted at the beautifully entitled The Dog Ate My Care Plan….

There’s a blogiversary in the air! Head on over and say congrats to Infusion Nurse as she announces I’m a Year Old…

Katie Morales at NursesNetwork wonders Will You Still Need Me When I’m 64? I’m not sure my body will even hold out until I’m 54!


Over at Code Blog, guest author Jennifer, RN, makes a difference when caring for a patient described as Tough and Not Very Friendly.

Edith at Caffeine and Xanax is frustrated by a difficult patient in Mr. Grouchy Pants. What part of “sign out AMA” don’t they understand?

Nurse Teeny of The Makings of a Nurse is at a crossroads and feeling Deflated. Have you ever been there?

AJN clinical editor Christine Moffa reviews an article on preventing hospital acquired infections in When Timely Nurse Removal of Urinary Catheters reduces UTI Rate at Off the Charts.

The latest podcast of Insights in Nursing is up, thanks to Jamie Davis! I was able to participate in this installment along with Susan Bindon of Lifebridge Health; our topic is Magnet Hospitals and Happy Nurses. There is some talk of “sexy” units, but I plead the fifth.


Thanks for reading this edition of Change of Shift!

Next edition will be right here at Emergiblog on September 3rd. Submit via Blog Carnival or through the Contact button at the top of this page.

I look forward to reading the next round of submissions! Many thanks to all who contributed!

August 13, 2010, 11:57 am

BlogWorld/New Media Expo 2010: Medbloggers + Las Vegas, Part Deux!

BlogWorld BadgeWe did it before, and we’re doing it again!

The medblogger track (aka: Social Health) is on for this year’s BlogWorld/New Media Expo!


WHO should attend?


  • Doctors, nurses, patients
  • physician assistants, dentists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, paramedics
  • medical students, nursing students
  • health care administrators, health care company employees and executives…

In other words….YOU!


WHY should you attend?

If you have any interest in social media on a personal or professional level (blogs, podcasting, Blog Talk Radio, Facebook, Twitter, vlogging), this is the place to be!


WHAT is new in the Social Health track at BlogWorld/New Media Expo?

  • Breakout sessions!
    • Social Networks and the Medical Blogosphere: Compatible or Competitive?
    • Patient Blogging and Disease Awareness: Sickness and Health on the Web
    • Health Care and Social Media: Industry Issues
    • How Social Media is Being Used to Improve Health
  • “White Board” open discussion on health care and social media


HOW can we do this?

The Social Health track is made possible by remarkable sponsors! Without them, this does not happen! Join me in thanking:

Johnson & Johnson was there when the idea of a “medblogger track” was just a gleam in a blogger’s eye! They provided sponsorship for our inaugural get-together,and we welcome (and thank) them again this year!

Also with us since the inaugural medblogger track is MedPage Today, and they are returning once again, providing valuable support and we continue to expand the Social Health track offerings!


They asked what we wanted most during last year’s track. What were we missing? Thanks to our feedback, the JNJ Campaign for Nursing’s Future will be providing snacks and (bless them!) plenty of charging stations! Bring your iPhones, laptops, netbooks, iPads, Blackberries and keep them powered up at the conference!


SHOW me the money!

Discount codes  I haz dem.There is a discount available for Social Health track participants!

Discount codes are available for $195 off the registration price, making the cost of the Social Media track only $200 if you register by September 16th!

(This discount applies to any registration packet you choose, so if you want to stay for the entire conference – and I definitely recommend it! – you just take $195 off that price!)

How do you get the code?

From me!

I have individual, personalized codes for those interested in receiving the discount.

Send me an email via the contact button at the top of this page and please put BLOGWORLD DISCOUNT CODE in the subject line so I am sure to see it. I’ll send you a personal registration code to use. I have a limited number of these to give out, so don’t wait!

BlogWorld/New Media Expo 2010 registration is open now.


I’ll keep this page up on the blog under the “Blogworld” button and will update it with new information.

Look forward to seeing you at the second annual BlogWorld/New Media Expo 2010 Social Health track!

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