August 6, 2010, 1:11 pm

Change of Shift – Vol. 5, Number 3

Wow – another two weeks has flown by, which means it’s time for another edition of Change of Shift!

Once again, my nurse blogging colleagues have written an interesting, thoughtful group of posts for your perusal!

So ready…set…peruse!


Keith Carlson is the fantastic writer behind Digital Doorway, and a regular contributor to Change of Shift. This week’s post left me angry and appalled. It is also wins this week’s “Editor’s Choice”. Check out  In the ER……. See if your blood pressure doesn’t rise…..

Okay, so Keith gets me all riled up and Katie Morales at NursesNetwork writes a post that has steam coming our of my ears!  Think we’ve made strides in women’s health? Think again after reading When will it be about our health and not our figure? Indeed.

Nurse Me describes a humorous, but poignant vignette in Feeding the Fantasy. (My patients are never mistake me for a movie heroine….)


Sometimes “you just have to go for it”, says Nurse Teeny in Keep On Keepin’ On, at The Makings of a Nurse.

Frustration. As nurses, we haz it. Jo has her on “There is a fracture. I need to fix it.” moment at Head Nurse. If you haven’t seen the video of that phrase in action, you can see it on the post.

Here’s  a post after my own heart! NP Saves Lives says I’m No Physician Extender at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place.


I now bow the “I am not worthy” bow a la Wayne’s World towards The Muse, RN, who has developed a new nursing theory! Don’t let the term “theory” turn you off – this is great. Read all about RN Leaders/Academics: No Respect Theory.

Ian at writes a thought-provoking essay on see reality through the patient’s eyes in that from a long way off look like flies.

Does having money equate with being happy? Dr. Dean at the Millionaire Nurse Blog wants to know in Happiness-Money: What Say You?


When writing is not enough…. Randall at Under the Mosquito Net describes a communication FAIL in A Heart Shocker.

Max is baaaaack! : D Well, at least for this post! Find out what he’s up to in Not Quite Goodbye posted at It Shouldn’t Happen In Health Care.

Wanderer at Lost on the Floor muses on patients on the floor, literally, in Falling Down. He’s right. There are no reasonable expectations in health care any more.

At the AJN blog, Off the Charts, Peggy McDaniel wonders if you are Still Confused About Health Care Reform? Welcome to the Club.


That concludes this edition of Change of Shift! Thanks for reading and many thanks to those who submitted.

The next CoS will be hosted here at Emergiblog. Submissions can be sent through Blog Carnival or via the Contact button on the top of this page.

August 5, 2010, 7:36 am

Change of Shift – Coming ASAP

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know I’m hard at work on Change of Shift and it will up…..

As soon as get to my hotel in Las Vegas.

I am participating in a highly educational pursuit, sure to elicit a profound professional growth…

I’m meeting Donny Osmond.


My mature adult self is highly looking forward to this event, however my 14-year-old inner child is, like, dying!

So look for Change of Shift in this spot later today!

July 26, 2010, 11:35 am

That Does It……

This is me, laptop firmly attached at the hip!

Okay, I don’t wear white dresses (anymore) and I don’t have a 10 inch waist, either.

But my laptop might as well be surgically implanted; my life is pretty much pixelated!

I make travel decisions based on whether or not wireless is available.

Most people sleep, I “re-boot”.

In response to a funny story this week,  I said “LOL!”. As in the letters, not the words.

But I knew I had gone over the edge when my nursing notes started looking like tweets: “Amb 2 BR s diff; no able 2 p; abd dist; 16F cath 4 lg amt; tol OK; ? more narcs; allerg to tdol & MS; D.did given IM; pt said “OUCH, OMG!”

Addiction, thy name is Apple….


Big news coming soon re: BlogWorld/New Media Expo 2010. Discount codes for medbloggers are coming! I should have a post up with details in the next day or two.


“Physician Extender”.

Sounds like the name of a male-enhancement product.

It’s a phrase often used to describe a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.

I hate it.

It’s insulting.


A nurse practitioner is not an adjunct physician. They do not supplement the care of a physician.

They provide essential advanced practice nursing services, services that include diagnosis and provision of medical care.

While some of these services overlap those of medicine, nurse practitioners are not extensions of another profession, they provide care in their own right, as educated, licensed practitioners.

Sometimes the only care provider for a community is a nurse practitioner.


A few years back, the term “extender” was used to describe nurse’s aides, as in “nurse extender”.

I hated it then, too.

It insulted the aides by implying they were less than individuals, not there to care for the patients, but to do the “lesser work” of the registered nurses.

Referring to nurse practitioners as physician extenders ignores the independent assessment and diagnostic skills possessed by advance practice registered nurses. It  insinuates that they function for the physician’s sake, not the patient’s sake.



I know it’s just a word. But words have power. Words convey attitudes. Words can confuse.

Nurse Practitioner. Educated, licensed, independent professional.

Nurse practitioner. Physician extender.

A rose by any other name…….?


Not this time.

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