April 22, 2010, 10:11 am

Taking a Right in Albuquerque!

Meet Nurse Zombie.

Wonder what has made her so catatonic?

Could it be that she is waiting to find out if she was accepted into grad school and the tension of waiting is driving her MAD???

Could it be that the entire trajectory of the rest of her life balances on whether or not the sum total of all she has accomplished has rendered her worthy of inclusion into the exclusive world of graduate nursing education?

Does she fear being forced to bear the slings and arrows of staff nursing well after her back gives out and her bunions receive their own zip code?


Could be she just has a wedgie.


Okay, things aren’t all that bad.

Actually, they are. Once I know one way or the other I can get on with my life, but this being in limbo is messing with my mind.

Time for a vacation.

Like, right now.  Starting tomorrow, my weekend will be full of Kasey Kahne. So, what is different from any other NASCAR weekend?



In fact, I am writing this at the airport in Albuquerque as we speak. Four days of that wonderful smell of asphalt, rubber and gasoline, not to mention good looking men running around in fire suits.  Holla!  Have camera, will document!

(P.S. The photo is from kaseykahne.com. I borrowed it.)


This limbo-mind mentality is what led to an unprecedented 3 weeks without blogging.

I have so many deep, philosophical nursing topics to write about.

But, until then, just a few announcements!

  • Change of Shift. Here. April 29th. Submissions in by April 28th. For those who have asked to host I shall be contacting you!
  • There is a new carnival in town! Our own ChronicBabe Jenni has begun the Chronic Babe Blog Carnival! Not only that she is hosting Grand Rounds next week with a theme of “Ladylike”. Can’t wait to see what the guys do with that one! : D
  • And because bloggers can never have too much fun, I’ll also be at the ePatient Conference in September with Better Health! There is an MD/RN track this year.  More details as they come in! Save the dates. Click the widget on the sidebar (as soon as I put it there)!

See ya at the races!


April 5, 2010, 12:03 pm

Blog World/New Media Expo 2010 – The Second Annual Medblogger Conference

Yep, we’re doing it again!

BlogWorld/New Media Expo  2010 will be hosting the second annual medblogger conference in Las Vegas on October 14, 2010.

Save the date!

This year the conference is at Mandalay Bay, putting everything you need in one convenient location!

I sound like a travel brochure!


Johnson & Johnson are back on board as our sponsor, along with MedPage Today.

The medblogger conference will be similar to last year: one day with four sessions, but we’re doing much more in the same amount of time.

This year, we have an opening and closing keynote with two sessions per break out – each break out will have a provider/patient track and an industry track.

Patient bloggers are well represented this year in both the keynote and in the patient breakout session.

Panels are in the process of being confirmed as I write with topics to follow.


Consider staying for the entire conference!

If you have anything to do with social media, blogging or podcasting, this is where you need to be.

Prices, discounts, special offers and (possibly!) blogger scholarships will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

Food, fun and fellow bloggers, what more could you want?

(Well, I plan to hit the Donny and Marie show at the Flamingo. Yeah, I’m bad, I’m bad, you know it….)

Join me! Well, maybe not for Donny and Marie, but most definitely for the Second Annual Medblogger Conference at BlogWorld/New Media Expo 2010!

“A splendid time is guaranteed for all!”



March 31, 2010, 2:07 pm

Lesson Over a Latte

I love these old shots!

This one is from the National Archives and was taken in 1946.

This is what I pictured when I thought about being a nurse. Neat rows of charts; clean, antiseptic wards; med cupboards with glass doors; crisp,white uniforms and totally cool caps!

I can smell the Lysol wafting through the decades…

Reality: clipboards flying, accusations that I hoard the charts, sort-of-clean floors punctuated by splats of body fluids, medications in locked computer systems, wrinkled scrubs that I want to peel off at the front door and not a cap in sight.

Plus, the the unique olfactory assault of ETOH and urine, so specific to the ER…

And no, it is not true that I wear my cap around the house.

I just try it on now and then.


One thing hasn’t changed since 1946 and that’s Grand Rounds! Granted, now they are online and this week Evan Falchek at the See First blog is hosting with a Health Care Reform theme. I was a week too early, my post on health care reform was in Grand Rounds over at Suture for a Living (sneaky way to fit in link that I didn’t put in last week!).

Uh. Hey nurses! There isn’t a single nursing submission in ‘Rounds this week! Are we tired or did we just get lazy? Raise your bandage scissors and repeat after me: “I solemnly swear to submit to Grand Rounds!”


(The story you are about to read is true.)

The day was uncharacteristically warm.

The corner Starbucks was packed with seekers of caffeine. Some rushed out, dashing to their cars with Frappacinos in hand; others stopped to smell the latte, enjoying the warmth of green metallic chairs on the adjacent patio.

The couple selected an empty table. They sipped their beverages as two gentlemen at the adjacent table conversed.

Guy – “First of all, man, don’t tell ’em you got a migraine…hear that all the time….back pain…somethin’…an orthopedic injury, that’s what you tell ’em you got… look up a doctor…you wanna “pain management specialist”, but not around here….next county….memorize it, man…name, address and phone number…you got an appointment but the pain is so damn bad you can’t wait, knowhatimsayin’?”

Dude – “I hear ya.”

Guy – “And you got to tell them that you are allergic to some junk…if you don’t…give you something…worth nothing!”

Dude – “What junk?”

Guy – “s’called Toradol…and you don’t want Motrin either so tell ’em you’re allergic…bad reaction to nausea stuff except fenagren…”

Dude – “Tordal and fengren?”

Guy – “Yeah…don’t lie about your name, address or give ’em fake numbers ‘cuz they can check that real easy.”

Dude – “‘Yeah.”

The Guy and the Dude stood up and prepared to go. As they walked away, voices fading, the couple heard…

Guy – “…won’t let you drive…”voucher” for taxi…don’t forget a prescrip…”


This guy did everything but name a specific hospital to visit!

If I had any doubt before, I am now sure that word gets around on the street regarding which ERs are “easy”.

And which ER will give that shot on the sixth visit in two weeks, despite knowing full well the complaint of pain is bogus.

Because it is just easier to medicate than it is to confront.

Every addict needs a pusher.

Just sayin’.

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