March 2, 2010, 8:06 am

New Day at HIMSS With Better Health

It’s Day 2 of Better Health at HIMSS.

Interviews are flying today!

Dr. Val, Nick Genes and the venerable Dr. Anonymous are interviewing the latest and greatest in Health IT!

Here is the live feed, you can also see it here:


Free live streaming by Ustream

March 1, 2010, 10:06 am

HIMSS From the Front Line

It’s happening right now!

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference is going full blast in Atlanta and Better Health is on the scene, bringing us interviews and information from the latest in telemedicine/emedicine!

The Ustream is live right now:

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Dr. Anonymous and Dr. Val are interviewing the leading healthcare technology entrepreneurs!

Unbelievable stuff for nursing here!

February 22, 2010, 4:44 pm

Five Years On…

Well, this is creepy!

It’s a photo from the Library of Congress‘ digital nursing collection.

It looks like a still from a Hitchcock film.

She’s going to the light….

Actually, she is probably going down to central supply for gauze.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Rod Serling stepped into view…

“Nurse Nell is about to take a step…into the Twilight Zone…”

Oh geeze, now I’m freaking myself out.


I came across a blog post today. I was floored.

I have reprinted it here with permission:

I’ve come to terms with something recently; I have absolutely NO urge to get my BSN.

I used to think that I should, if I could and that I would. Eventually. Now the kids are virtually grown, I have the time, I could swing the funds and I don’t want it. I’m a bedside nurse. Always have been, with the exception of a foray into psych nursing and telephone triage. It’s what I love, when you get down to the core of why I’m a nurse. It’s what I am good at. It’s what my Associate degree prepared me for.

The thought of writing papers and researching and comparing differing nursing models while dealing with the obnoxious topic of nursing diagnoses makes me comatose. (Good ol’ Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model was good enough for me in school and it is good enough for me now…)

Ironically, I love learning! I read the journals, I love attending classes, and working… requires me to keep up-to-date on all the specialties. I want to increase my fluency in Spanish, take a class on Shakespeare, pick up a violin – maybe even learn to play it, speak Japanese and, well, you get the idea.

But….I’ve no interest in managing a department, I respect those who can. Teaching is not one of my gifts. I enjoy the hospital environment; I’ve never been interested in public health nursing. I’ve never needed a BSN to accomplish what I’ve wanted in my career.



Sounds like the writer is pretty adamant.  I should be so sure of myself.

And I was.

Back when I wrote this in September of 2005.


So what changed?

I started blogging. Writing about nursing made me think about nursing. Really think about it.  I started reading the blogs of nursing students.  They were so excited to be entering the profession. Excited. I hadn’t felt that way in years. What did they see in nursing that I no longer saw? Why were they sacrificing so much to embark on a career I had come to take for granted?

I wanted what they had.

I would get that BSN.  I only looked at two programs. I chose the University of Green Bay’s BSN-LINC program. To this day I can’t tell you why. It just felt right.

Of course, I’d take it nice and easy and enjoy the process, like your typical Type A personality.

Yeah, right.

Oh, I’ve enjoyed the process. But like Ike and Tina, I “nevah, evah do nothin’ nice. And easy.”

Well, it turns out I love research, am fascinated by nursing theories, get a thrill out of producing a perfect APA paper and think public health nursing rocks.

I’m such a nerd!

Bedside nursing is wonderful,  but there are public health programs to produce, nursing research to conduct and new generations of colleagues to educate.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have something to contribute to those areas, as well.



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