July 23, 2009, 8:03 pm

BlogHerO9 Warms UP!

jenniWhere is THE best place to be in Chicago tonight?

At BlogHer 09, with an entire community of women (and a couple of guys) who all have one thing in common: blogging! I had made friends with four bloggers before I even left baggage claim. The energy, the camaraderie is unbelievable. Last year I was floored by it, this year I’m rejuvenated just being in the atmosphere.


BlogHer09 officially starts tomorrow, but the speakers/panelists met tonight followed by a reception sponsored by Sprint. And guess what? Sprint sponsors Nascar, so I have an inside connection now! (Hi Sara!).

A bunch of women came walking in with major swag bags from the Hyatt around the corner; I’m seriously sorry I missed out on THAT!

But I didn’t miss out on meeting Jenni from ChronicBabe! Jenni will be sitting on a panel tomorrow entitled “PatientBloggers: You Are Not Your Disease, You Just Blog About It Every Day”.  Kerri from Six Until Me will also be on that panel (missed her tonight), along with my new acquaintance, Loolwa Khazzoom from Dancing With Pain.

My panel will be on Saturday and is called “Healthcare by Committee” , or how to use the internet to find information on health without freaking yourself out (that’s my personal definition). Fellow Better Health blogger Dr. Gwenn is our moderator. You would think after last week in DC, I’d have this down, but I still have “stage fright”!



I’m sporting a “ChronicBabe” pin, because while I might not be officially a “ChronicBabe”, I’m chronically babe-ish! At least that is what I told Jenni to get a pin. I have no shame. I don’t have any hair left, either, as you can see. This is what my hairdresser calls “a little off the length and a bit of shaping”.  Hah! Captain Picard had more hair.


I’m telling you, BlogHer is such an inspiration that I had ten blog ideas before I even landed in Chicago! And then I walk into my room after the cocktail party and this is what I find on my table!

No, it’s not from a secret admirer, it’s a “Welcome to BlogHer 09” gift from Columbia: Land of Flowers! It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten live swag at at conference!


navypierFlowers in the room, Starbucks Coffee sitting on the desk and this view of Navy Pier from my hotel window.

Oh yeah, and the President is around the corner!


Not sure why he is in Chicago, but we saw the motorcade out the window.

Downtown Chicago is beautiful. I’d been through Chicago before, but not downtown.

I am so blogging this!

5:10 am

Say G’Day to Change of Shift and Hello to BlogHer09!

OffwhitelogoChange of Shift is up “down under” with a beautiful edition hosted by Ross at Nurse in Australia! Gorgeous photos of the Sunshine Coast await you (and I’m ready to move there!).

Many thanks to Ross for taking on hosting duties and to all those who contributed! The next Change of Shift is being hosted at Man-Nurse Diaries. Use the BlogCarnival link on the sidebar or send your submissions to “mannursediaries at gmail dot com”.



I’m sitting here in Oakland waiting to fly to Chicago for the BlogHer09 Conference!

I’ll be speaking on a panel called “Healthcare by Committee” and will be meeting Jenni from ChronicBabe.com and hanging out with Kerri from Six Until Me, both of whom will be panelists for a patient blogger session!

I’ll be tweeting and blogging and just plain having a blast.  If you are going to be there, drop me a line so we can meet!

July 22, 2009, 7:35 pm

Under Pressure

menopauseI’m sure some women have issues during menopause, but Benzedrine?

Apathy? Psychomotor retardation?

Sounds like me after four night shifts in a row.

And I thought all I’d have to worry about are hot flashes…or in the current PC vernacular, power surges.

Puberty isn’t treated like a disease, but apparently menopause was looked upon as a psychosis! Was it ever listed in the DSM?

Were all the women of the 1950s hyped up on bennies?

OMG – read the fine print – they actually talk about using Benzedrine with electric shock therapy.


We most certainly have come a long way, baby!


Sometimes I think I’m my own worst enemy.

I feel guilty for being angry at a patient’s behavior, shocked by an intensity of rage that is way out of proportion to what they have done.

After all, it isn’t personal; their behavior is a component of their disease.

Or so I tell myself one month (and one post) after the fact.


I feel guilty for tearing up as a patient miscarries.

A week later she would have been far enough along to go to L&D.

The sadness stays with me the entire shift and I cry as I turn out of the parking lot that morning.

I kick myself for not being able to detach; am I not a professional?


I feel guilty for being on edge with co-workers.

Who are only being themselves, but my perception is that of  too much, too loud and too intrusive.

God only knows how I am coming across to them.


When did I become a walking raw nerve?

This isn’t burnout.

When you are burnt out you are apathetic.

I’m almost the opposite of apathetic; everything is very, very acute.

All I know is that this isn’t me.

And I don’t like it.


And I feel guilty for feeling this way.

Why is it so easy to cut other people some slack,

And virtually impossible to do the same for myself?

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