February 9, 2009, 9:51 pm

News Flash: Nursing Leaders Care!

Oh, give me a break!

I mean really. It would be a cold day in hell before I’d be helping a doctor put his coat on.

Even if he is Charlton Heston.

Okay, maybe I’d hand it to him.

Ol’ Charlie can’t believe she’s doing it, either.

That’s a mighty fine cap, by the way. Definitely a 10/10 on the Emergiblog Cap Rating Scale!

If I tried to wear my cap right now, it wouldn’t stay on. I got a haircut that makes Drew Carey look like Rapunzel. Epic haircut FAIL.


Grand Rounds is here next Tuesday, February 17th.

No rules, no theme, just send me your best and I’ll mold them into a masterpiece.

It would be very helpful if you would watch the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” before the 17th, if you have not already seen it.


I’m sitting here in a room at the Portola Hotel and Spa at Monterey Bay, blogging.

No, I didn’t come here to be pampered. At least not physically.

I’m here for the annual conference of the Association of California Nurse Leaders, of which I am a proud new member.

Let me just say that if you are feeling burnt and discouraged, you need a meeting.

I feel like my career has been to a spa!


And if you are like I was, you figure that “management” was way out of touch with what the bedside nurse has to deal with, all they cared about is “the bottom line”, and all we are as staff nurses are warm bodies to fill the schedule.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting nurse leaders/managers from all over the state of California over the last two days, and they are a passionate group of professional nurses.

Yes, I used the term “manager” and “passionate” in the same sentence. Let me add “colleague” to that description.


True nurse leaders are not sitting in ivory towers out of the fray that is nursing practice. They are diving head-first in addressing the problems and the issue affecting patient care.

And folks, they care about the bedside nurse. About us. They are the ones working hard on the research that is a major part of evidence-based practice. Nursing leaders are the ones who are speaking out on political issues that affect our practice every day.

And they care. Passionately. About the bedside nurse and about the patients we care for.

I feel as though my career has gotten sub-q Epi.

I may have found the cure for burn out. Right here in Monterey.

Basically, we are all nurse leaders.


Fun notes:

Meeting Ruth Ann Terry from the California BRN. What a great (and fun) lady!

Seeing the lieutenant governor of California, John Garamendi, speak at the keynote.  I tell ya, that man could have me thinking like a Democrat in two seconds.

The most exciting part for me was finding out that the brand new Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis will begin their Nursing PhD program in Health Policy in September of 2010. Brand new. Ground floor – first class. Guess when I want to start?

And meeting the folks from the UCSF PhD program.

And this was just the first day!

What a ride!

February 5, 2009, 3:30 pm

Still I Look to Find a Reason to Believe

And here is where Nurse McSouffle-Cap demonstrates her total ignorance of the latest dance craze.

This is such a great photo, because what we see here are two different generations of nurses.

Just look at the lengths of the skirts (and the lack of the caps!).

When I started, I wore the short skirts; how did we ever bend over in those things?

Now, I don’t even wear skirts. Scrubs, baby, all the way!

They look like they are having fun.

We used to have fun.

I could do a mean imitation of Michael Jackson’s dance routine in “Beat It”. Still can, but not in public!


There is something fishy over at Digital Doorway and Keith is responsible for it! Change of Shift is up and Keith takes on “Life in a Fishbowl” (not to be confused with the Eagles’ “Life in the Fast Lane”) as the theme. Lots and lots of submissions this week so be sure to check it out!  Many thanks to Keith for hosting! The next Change of Shift is at This Crazy Miracle Called Life. Send submissions to Amanda at “agmcgaha at gmail dot com” or through Blog Carnival.


I think I may have lost something this week.

I’m not sure what, but I know that there needs to be some changes made in my life.

It isn’t nursing, per se.  I really want to graduate and get started on doing some research; I enjoy studying and wish I could get paid to do it.

But I’m fed up.

I’m fed up with game-playing.

Fed up with trying to maintain a smile when I am being manipulated and both the manipulator and I know it is happening and I am powerless to stop it.

Fed-up with being played against my colleagues, both medical and nursing.

Ready to quit.


I’m tired.

Tired of the over-the-top dramatics when there is real tragedy in life. And in the next room.

Tired of being harassed because the pace of the emergency department does not mesh with the fact that someone has to be at a meeting at 0900.

Tired of being forced to play co-dependent and act in a way that is detrimental to the welfare of my patients.

Tired of the endless explanations to people who have no intention of understanding, let alone caring, what I say.

Tired of giving Oscar-worthy performances of understanding to people who act like jerks.


I’m ready.

Ready for a change to a place where nursing isn’t considered 70% ability to BS and 30% ability to practice actual nursing care.

Ready for a change to a place where the technology of the 21st century is embraced, and not coming two years down the road, maybe, if we’re lucky.

Ready to go where the ER is not the red-headed stepchild while the rest of the facility is touted as the greatest thing since the invention of television.


I have just reached my tipping point.

Maybe my education has opened my eyes to situations I could have ignored before.

Maybe I am burning out. Again.

Maybe it will pass. Again.


I still love nursing.

I’d still do it all again.

I just don’t have it in me to write an optimistic post right now.

Maybe tomorrow.


I know, let me put it this way.

The world is made up of Apple, and I am working for Microsoft.

I don’t know if things would be any better elsewhere.

Still I look to find a reason to believe

They would be.

January 30, 2009, 10:07 am

Lord, I’m-a-Goin’ to NASCAR Heaven

Oh hai!

Actually, I have nothing of value to impart on nursing at the moment.

I must finish reading my Nursing Research text and the first chapter in my Intro to Muslim American studies text.

I would have studied at work but patients kept coming in.

How rude!

I really hate it when work interferes with my life.

And man, it’s really been a pain in the rear these last few nights.


Take a good loooong look at the gorgeous hunk of male genes in this photograph.

Because that is who I get to meet IN PERSON in June.

You are looking (or reading) at the proud owner of a Platinum Freakin’ Pass for the Infineon Raceway Nascar race in June.

And they are only selling 200 of them, split between the KASEY KAHNE and another guy (Kevin Harvick, if you must know).

That means Kasey and Kim and only a few dozen other people in the same room!

I got work to do!

  • Get contacts. No glasses with Kasey Kahne. No way. No how.
  • Keep losing weight. Yes, I’m old enough to be his mother, but I don’t have to look like it!
  • Buy super stunning digital camera with mega zoom lens and practice with it before June so I can take so many photos I’ll put Flicker out of business (iPhone is nice, but this requires a pro outfit).
  • Buy cutest Kasey Kahne/Budweiser swag I can find to wear.
  • Find a way to sew bib into said swag so that drooling will not be noticeable.
  • Practice saying, “Hi, Kasey!” until it comes out natural and precludes me saying “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” when introduced.

I have met Steve Perry, three generations of Journey members and Jeff Scott Soto in person.

I managed to act like a normal, adult woman and did not embarrass myself.

As far as I know.

This is different!

It’s Kasey Kahne, people! 

KASEY KAHNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I now return you to my regularly scheduled blog.

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