September 19, 2008, 4:04 pm

Viva Las Vegas (So Far!)

Well, I made it to the Sahara!

And then I did what any self-respecting blogger would do.

I headed for the NASCAR Cafe, where I was able to watch the end of the qualifying runs for Dover over a rather stiff margarita.

They are not stingy with the grog here, me mateys!


But what is this?

It’s a NASCAR cup in the shape of a fuel can!

Well, obviously I had to have it and they were even nice enough to put a second margarita in it for me!

Now lest you think this is just a cheap, sentimental throw-away piece of plastic, let me tell you this thing is ceramic!

Truly a work of art.

If they cancelled BlogWorldExpo my trip to Las Vegas would be complete because of this exquisite piece of motor sports artwork.

Seriously, it’s just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!


I gave an offering to the god of Caveman Keno, and he giveth some back and taketh some more.

I didn’t win much, and what I did I fed back. Got that out of my system. Luckily gambling is not one of my vices.

I’d rather spend my money on ceramic NASCAR artifacts.


I figured this was my only “free” time so now I’m ready to get down to the business of BlogWorldExpo beginning tomorrow morning.

As of right now, after meclizine for motion sickness (plane flight, you know), Benadryl for urticaria of various causes (hard to explain) and two freakingly HUGE margaritas, a chicken quesadilla and cheesecake, I’m ready for bed.

It’s 4:49 pm.

Only I would be in Las Vegas and ready for bed.


The Sahara is not the most luxurious of the resorts. It’s old and the TV looks like it is circa 1980. They charge the equivalent of two and a half lattes for internet access per day. My vanity is chipped, the carpet was new around the time I graduated from college.

But there is so much history. Elvis was here. The Beatles. Cary Grant. Princess Grace. And remember the year on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon when he was reunited with Dean Martin? That was here.

You can feel the history in your bones as you walk the hallway.


The Las Vegas Strip itself is a rather harsh assault on the senses, beginning at the airport, barraging you with sound and lights and music….until you hit your room. It’s easy to see how people can go overboard here, with their money, with their lives.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not this time, I’ll give you all the details of the real reason for this trip – the Medbloggers meet-up at BlogWorldExpo 2008.

Until then, let me give you one more photo memory of my first twenty minutes here:

The car of the Intimidator, himself.

Dale Earnhardt.

Now let us all say a prayer that his son wins the Sprint Cup instead of that creepy Kyle Busch.

Today, NASCAR, tomorrow, the Blog World!!

8:42 am

Change of Shift Walks the Plank

Ahoy, Mateys!

I be lookin’ fer any ‘scuse to be lookin’ at that scallowag Jack Sparrow!

Miss Emily (she be over at has me attention this here fine mornin’ with her “Talk Like A Pirate”Change o’ Shift.

A mighty fine job she be doin’ over there.

I suspect I’ll be owing her some grog in appreciation fer her hosting duties, as it were.


Last night I be guestin’ on the Doctor Anonymous Show on BlogTalkRadio.

A blast, it was!

The good doctor brought his own grog, so I need to be thankin’ him with a good pirate salute (Saaaa-lute!) for a’ havin’ me fer a visit!

Dem parties he be a throwin’ after the show, well, lets just say some timbers were a shiverin’!

At this very moment I’m a waitin’ on my ship to come in. One of dem flyin’ kind sose I can make my way to pillage the BlogWorldExpo.

I’ll be a’bloggin as it were, when I be arrivin’.

And now I’ll be a signin’ off because I be sounding like Mr. Krabbs on SpongeBob Squarepants!

September 18, 2008, 9:07 am

Grand Rounds, Change of Shift and Radio Daze!

This is hilarious!

The Ammonia Phone? It’s for asthma, bronchitis and consumption.

I think the only thing it consumed was your money.

The description alone is priceless.

I post it today in honor of this week’s Grand Rounds held over at Nurse Ratched’s Place with the theme of the Grand Rounds Medicine Show.

This would have fit right in!


For those of you looking for Change of Shift, Emily at is working hard to get the edition up by this evening. I’ll send the announcement once it is posted.


Tonight I have the honor of being the guest on the Doctor Anonymous radio show! I’ll be talking about the BlogWorldExpo (leaving tomorrow morning!) and what we hope to accomplish with them in terms of putting together a MedBlogger track for next year.

The show starts at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific

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