August 8, 2008, 4:37 pm

Emergiblog Turns Three!

Can you believe it?

Three years ago this month Emergiblog was born.

The odd thing about this is that I cannot remember what my life was like before I started blogging.


What did I do with my time?

At what point did this blog become an organic part of my life?

To the point where I can’t imagine life without blogging.


It was scary for a few weeks there.

I ran dry. Honestly could not think of a single thing to post, and when I tried to write it felt forced.

Scared the hell out of me.

Had I really said all that I had to say about nursing, blogging, going back to school, emergency departments, the health care system?

Hardly. Those who know me will tell you that I am never at a loss for words.

Yet, the blog that had become such a huge part of my life was in danger of becoming stagnant.

So I did what anyone else would do in my situation.


I cleaned house.

Not my physical house, my “Emergiblog” house.

I went through my links. Read every single blog. Organized them. Had so many they now have their own page. And when I stopped focusing on producing for awhile and focused on reading what was going on in other blogs, I relaxed.

Why? Because the blogosphere is a community. That community nourishes its members, but you must be involved in it. If all you do is post, day in and day out, and don’t stop to smell roses – in this case read what other bloggers are saying – you lose out on a huge source of inspiration.

That’s what was happening to me.


Blogging is not a passive exercise in navel-gazing. If all you do is write and never engage, then you are basically writing a diary.

I’m a blogger, not a diarist.

So on this, the beginning of Emergiblog’s fourth year, many thanks are due to my fellow medbloggers for continuting to share the stories that keep me inspired…

…to my sponsors/advertisers who continue to support Emergiblog,

…to my husband and family for supporting this endeavor from the beginning and allowing themselves to be the subject of many a health-related post,

And to Shane, for just about everything.

Let’s face it.

Bloggers rock!

6:36 am

Healthcare Today: Promote Your Blog!

What do Emergiblog, Nurse Ratched’s Place and Kevin, MD all have in common?

We are all participants in Healthcare Today, the place for up-to-the-minute news on healthcare.

That news is as current as your latest blog post!


The concept is simple.

By submitting snippets of your posts to Healthcare Today, links to your blog posts are posted on  Healthcare Today for others to read.

They see the snippet, click on the link and you have a new reader!


But don’t be surprised if other people submit your links for you! You see, the key to Healthcare Today is to find the latest news on health anywhere on the internet!

See an interesting article on another site? Maybe or the LA Times? You can then submit that post to Healthcare Today for all to see.

If you see a post with a Healthcare Today button at the bottom, simply click that button and you’ll be taken directly to the submission page, with the url already filled out for you. So, if I’m on your site, I can submit a post I find interesting. If it has already been submitted, I can vote for it! The more votes, the better!


By promoting your blog on Healthcare Today, you become a part of healthcare news that people will be reading and talking about. Promoting your blog is easy:

  • Add a Healthcare Today button to your site.
  • You will then see a button under every post, like the one you see right here on Emergiblog.
  • After you write a post, submit it to Healthcare Today with a brief snippet of what it’s about.

It’s that simple.


Ah, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! Once you are on the site you will find so many interesting topics, you may find yourself clicking away for some time.

I’m having a blast with it, I bet you will, too!


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August 6, 2008, 11:59 pm

Change of Shift: Volume 3, Number 3

Welcome back to Change of Shift!

Many thanks to those who have signed up to host CoS – the page is updated, as is Blog Carnival . If you’d like to host (don’t be shy, it isn’t hard!), drop me an email (Contact button is up top).

A very fast two weeks has passed since the last edition and many contributions have been received, so let’s dive in!


Keith at Digital Doorway submits the first post of his Value Care, Value Nurses nurse blogger scholarship series with a look at The Nursing Shortage: A Global Crisis, Close to Home. Sobering statistics, and a great overview of the contribution of nurses to health care systems everywhere. Is there hope? Also, if you haven’t done so already, check out NurseLinkUp – Keith is a major part of the new networking site and you can read more of his work over there!

The award for best blog name (I just made that up) goes this week to goes to The Loco Days of Locolorenzo. Mr. “Lorenzo” , self described male nurse, performance poet and a bit of crazy-old-man, submits his first post to CoS in which he thoughtfully looks at why a nurse should NEVER Forget Where You Come From.

Why does this not surprise me one bit? ERMurse submits a provocative post noting: Spike in medication deaths. Could it beeeeeee ……. Satan – or perhaps “The Fifth Vital Sign” . I know I am giving more and more narcotics than I ever used to give, both in frequency and in higher doses. I wonder if the pendulum is starting to swing the other way now. You can find this interesting look at pain control at ER Murse.


It appears our colleague Disappearing John RN has discovered the joys of blogging at Starbucks! His submission this week deals with something none of us want to face, let alone confront. Find out what that is in A Painful Choice…

I thought I knew most of the networking sites in the medical blogosphere, but I discovered some new ones in 50 Social Media and Networking Sites for the Medically Minded posted by Sally Thompson at Nursing School Search Blog.

Glenna Murdock writes a blog for called the Nursing Diary. She writes a chilling post detailing just what can be heard (and by whom!) in a hospital setting. Next time you say anything at work Think About Who Might Be Listening.


Sometimes it’s the little things that count, particularly if you are dealing with a bedridden patient. Nurse practitioner Heather Johnson gives a thorough overview of what to provide in Caring for the Bedridden posted at Nursepractitionerblog’s Weblog

Just when you think you have heard it all…Maha assures us that This Really Happened posted at Call bells Make Me Nervous – Nursing Insights from a Student Perspective. You might need Kleenex, but only because you will be laughing so hard you’ll tear up!

Just when you think you’ve heard it all part deux: it seems the powers-that-be who run Mother Jones’ place of employment are upset. What do they have against diaper wipes, of all things? Find out at Nurse Ratched’s Place as you read about Potty Problems. Seriously.


The Nurse Connect bloggers are present and accounted for! Laura wonders if we are ever really off-duty as she cares for a family member in A Nurse’s Work is Never Done: Caring for Our Own. Kathy looks at the practice of starting IVs by premedicating with an anesthetic in IV Starts. This is something I have never done, but the research is making me rethink my practice

Nurse Connect is also unveiling their new Guest Blogger Column! Every month there will be a new blogger and a new column! Check out this month’s guest blogger; the topic is the nursing shortage. I would comment on how handsome the guest blogger is, but I’ll refrain as that would not be professional!

Dean of The Back Pain Blog is back (no pun intended) with a look at herniated discs. With the aging of the nursing profession, are we more prone to herniate than someone who is younger? Dean checks out some research and discusses the issue in Are Herniated Discs Caused by Age?


Just for fun: Therapy Doc tells a great story about why it’s cool to have your kids around (very timely just as my youngest heads for college in two weeks!). Check out Why It’s Good to Enmesh Your Children over at Everyone Needs Therapy. I wonder if they make sippy cups for adults <ducking!>

Alvaro at Sharp Brains weighs in this week with a look at the Top Ten Brain Training Future Trends. The one I see being used the most are Brain training podcasts! I had a chance to see some computerized brain training programs at BlogHer08 – very intriguing!


Thanks to all who have submitted to CoS this week. The next edition will be right here at Emergiblog on August 24th. Submissions can be sent to me directly or through blog carnival.

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